Many Hats is a full-service technology company made up of exceptionally talented professionals. We blend our expert knowledge with a passion for innovation and cultural expression to push the limits of what is possible in web, mobile, gaming, VR, AR, and more.

In March of 2018, after spending close to a decade at large technology firms like Microsoft and Electronic Arts, founders Mike and Evan realized the only way to develop great products without big corporate redundancies was to form a coalition of like-minded individuals. The name Many Hats, short for We Wear Many Hats, implies our team’s multidisciplinary skill set, as well our ego-less, fluid, efficient approach to content creation. Since inception, we have successfully completed over 30 projects, while adding to our growing network of national experts in software development, visual and audio design, 3D modelling, and communications.

Our Team

Our varied skills and passion for technology assures that your story will be told in the most powerful way.

CEO Michael Despault

Michael Despault

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Having a passion for computer technology since early childhood, Mike helps steer software development at Many Hats. Keeping up to date with the latest emerging technologies in computer software and hardware, he ensures our development techniques and toolsets are constantly evolving to provide the best possible services to our clients. Prior to co-founding Many Hats, Mike worked at Electronic Arts for over a decade as a Systems and Rendering Engineer on titles such as NBA Live, NHL, FIFA, SSX, and UFC. When Mike isn’t sitting in front of a computer, he enjoys camping, craft beer, soccer, volleyball, and going on walks with his 130lb Newfoundland “puppy” Merlin.

CTO Evan Despault

Evan Despault

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Evan loves using technology to build creative solutions to everyday problems. He believes that creating great product requires more than just good intuition and helps lead software development at Many Hats with an emphasis on data-driven decision making and rapid iteration. Prior to co-founding Many Hats, Evan was a Program Manager on the search relevance team at Microsoft - where he delivered a tenfold improvement in ranking experimentation time, enabling Bing to catch up to its competitors on key search relevance metrics. Outside of work, Evan enjoys travelling and spending his summer camping throughout the Pacific Northwest.