CCM Hockey

Project duration

March 2018 – July 2018

Services Provided

  • UI/UX Design
  • 360-Videos
  • Virtual Reality Development

Formerly an initialism for Canada Cycle & Motor Co., Ltd., CCM is a hockey equipment and cycling brand company that manufacturers a wide range of ice hockey equipment, from recreational to professional. They are also the official licensees, sponsors, and on-ice supplier of hockey equipment for the National Hockey League.

CCM wanted to promote the release of their latest hockey stick while reminding people just how fast NHL Superstar Connor McDavid is, so we gave them what they asked for. The Connor McDavid 360 VR Jetspeed Experience features McJesus in his natural environment, in a full-size NHL ice rink doing drills and ripping lasers with the new CCM Elite Jetspeed Hockey Stick. It’s your job as the viewer to try and follow all his moves, while sympathizing for McDavid’s opponents.