The Active Consumer

Project duration

July 2020 – December 2021

Services Provided

  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS & Android Mobile App Development
  • Updates & Maintenance

The Active Consumer is a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah with a sole mission to offset individual consumer actions through technology to influence systemic change.

Econus – Live Sustainably

The Econus project was an ambitious, challenging, but welcoming one for the team here at Many Hats.

Econus automatically donates your spare change to offset the impact of buying things, like this -> Buy gas for $25.45, donate $0.55 to offset pollution

Worried about air pollution when buying a tank of gas? How about the impact on small businesses whenever you shop online?

With Econus, you can link the purchases you make with the causes they affect (like the air pollution from that tank of gas) and offset the impact that purchase may have with automatic, spare change donations.

Let's say you believe that the Clean Air Task Force does a really great job at lobbying Congress to impose stricter fuel standards. With Econus, you can link your gas purchases with your cause of air pollution, now whenever you buy that gas, we'll Round-Up your spare change and donate it to the Clean Air Task Force to lobby for the change you want to see in the world.

Tech Stack


  • Xamarin Forms


  • App Service
  • Database
  • Blob Storage
  • Active Directory
  • Functions
  • Key Vault
econus step 1: link purchases with the causes they affect econus step 2: round-up your everyday purchases econus step 3: automate spare change donations
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