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Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Managing Inuit Rights and Benefits.


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Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.


Mobile App Development


Jan. 2017 – Apr. 2017
Tunngavik services provided

Services Provided

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UI/UX Design

From in-depth research and ideation to prototyping and refining, we blend aesthetics and functionality, delivering visually stunning and intuitive user experiences that match NTI’s brand image.
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iOS & Android Mobile App Development

From conceptualization and design to development and rigorous testing, we meticulously focused on user-friendliness to help educate new generations of Inuit in the Nunavut region.
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Updates & Maintenance

We provide ongoing comprehensive tech support to keep Tunngavik available and up to date for their valued users.
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Client Background

Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) ensures that promises made under the Nunavut Agreement are carried out. Inuit exchanged Aboriginal title to all their traditional land in the Nunavut Settlement Area for the rights and benefits set out in the Nunavut Agreement. The management of land, water and wildlife is very important to Inuit. NTI coordinates and manages Inuit responsibilities set out in the Nunavut Agreement and ensures that the federal and territorial governments fulfill their obligations.

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Tech Stack

From Design to Delivery

In cooperation with Pinnguaq Association, a non-profit organization that promotes technological advancement with rural and remote communities, and Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, the legal representative of the Inuit of Nunavut for the purposes of native treaty rights and treaty negotiation, Many Hats was tasked with creating a modern tool for Inuit to use to learn and explore their rights in the Nunavut Agreement. It is meant to play a part in re-instilling empowerment and visioning amongst Nunavut Inuit and tap into their potential by learning about their history and rights.

Key Features:

  • Full text version of the Nunavut Agreement.
  • Plain language version of the Nunavut Agreement.
  • Audio explanation of each article.
  • A timeline detailing the history and negotiation of the Nunavut Agreement
  • A glossary.
  • A quiz game that allows users to build an igloo with every correct answer.

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